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Financial Planning

The need for financial planning has grown dramatically as many people begin planning for their retirement and as larger segments of the population manage their own investments. We do not sell investments or receive fees or commissions for referrals. We provide independent advice on a fee for service basis.


By analyzing an individual's assets, debts and obligations we are able to tailor an individual financial plan that recognizes aspirations and goals in a realistic manner.

Coordination of Corporate and Personal Matters

For their convenience, we encourage shareholders of small business corporations to coordinate a review of their financial plans with the preparation of their corporate and personal income tax returns.


Increasingly employees are receiving early retirement options from their employers. Such offers require planning to ensure that the expected results will be achieved and the retiring employee fully understands the financial ramifications of the retirement package.

Special Circumstances

Occasionally individuals may receive large sums of money, whether by way of inheritance or windfall, and in these circumstances it is important that planning to safeguard the assets and provide for maximum utilization of the funds, is undertaken.

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