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Business Valuations

The valuation of shares of a closely held corporation is the most common business valuation. Where the entity being valued is not our client, we work closely with the shareholders and/or their accountant to ensure all relevant information is considered.


We provide valuation services for solicitors acting on behalf of their clients who are involved in litigation. We always approach such tasks with an independent view, so that the objectivity of the valuation is not compromised.

Divorce / Separation

In many cases where a divorce or separation takes place, one of the most difficult assets to value is the shares of a closely held corporation. We can provide independent valuation services that are important to establishing realistic values acceptable to both parties.

Corporate Reorganizations

When a corporation is being reorganized, whether through the transfer of assets to another corporation or the issuing of redeemable preferred shares, a business valuation is necessary to establish the underlying values for income tax purposes.

Buy / Sell Agreements

Where corporations and their shareholders have entered into buy-sell agreements it is often a requirement of that agreement for a valuation to be done at regular intervals, or upon withdrawal of one of the shareholders.


When the shareholder of a corporation is planning retirement it is important that share value be established in a fair and independent manner. This may have a bearing on such issues as the timing of retirement and who may be an eligible candidate to acquire the shares.


Whether succession is being contemplated for estate or retirement purposes the shares of a closely held corporation are often one of the most valuable assets in an individual's portfolio. An independent estimate of value provides a basis for the necessary planning.

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